Nine weeks to crank up the volume on truth, hone your writing skills, craft magnetic content,

and have fun with some seriously cool soul sisters.

Good writing gets you noticed online.

Great writing helps you stand out in an oversaturated marketplace.

Great writing has the power to draw in your soulmate clients, increase your impact,

and make you the #1 authority in your field.

Good writing states a point.

Great writing ignites new perspectives, opens minds, persuades,

and sparks revolutions.

Good writing is relatable.

Great writing invokes empathy and forges an unbreakable bond with your readers.

Good writing is clear.

Great writing is raw, honest, vulnerable, ugly, beautiful, messy, and moving--

all at the same time.

Good writing is written fast and often quickly forgotten.

Great writing steeps in the reader's mind like fine tea,

warming the soul over and over again.

Good writing can be done in solitude.

Great writing is crafted and honed within a whole-hearted,

open-minded community.

Welcome to the place where you will

dive deep, rise with strength & confidence,

and write your unique story.

This collaborative group workshop is an

oddly satisfying combination of

"Creative Content Course meets Speakeasy,

Poetry Slam meets Open Mic Night --

wrapped in Sacred Sisterhood.

Simmered in the heady scent of incense & old books,

it's got the tart sweetness of fresh-picked ideas

and crisp, clear expressions."

This workshop is for women who want to:

>> Stop procrastinating to start creating.

>> Feel joy and ease when you're writing, instead of feeling blank, stuck, or frustrated.

>> Write & post kickass content that inspires a downpour of likes, shares, follows, and messages from people hungry to connect with you. This all starts with listening to your gut and connecting with your authentic voice.

>> Break up with censorship, fear, and shame--when it comes to both writing and life. Stop worrying what people will think, or how they might negatively respond, and instead feel the thrill of expressing your truth totally free from judgement or scrutiny.

>> Discover how the act of writing (even when you don't feel like it) can speed up emotional healing and facilitate mindset shifts. Creating clarity on paper increases self awareness, and challenges you to see perspectives you may not have considered before.

>> (Re)discover your story & (re)awaken your imagination. Telling your personal story can be completely terrifying, but also super empowering. I'm here to help you erase that fear, and walk you to step by step through the exploration process.

>> Practice creative writing in circle of supportive sisters. Community is the key to finding joy in writing. And when you find joy in writing, it becomes easy,

>> Be yourself, unapologetically. Own your weirdness. Get loud. Get quiet. Whatever feels good. This is all about designing & choosing the life you want, instead of letting life happen to you.


Hi! I'm Krysta Voskowsky.

I'm the founder of Intuitive Ink, a Professional Writer, Business Strategist, and #BossWitch. And I'll be your workshop host for the next nine weeks.

I love the written word, and it also scares me to death. I love making new friends, but I can't stand small talk. In my role as an Intuitive Coach, I loving holding sacred space for all within to heal and grow.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Writing from Champlain College, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Emerson College. I've been a bookworm all my life. From blogging and writing my memoir, working in book publicity and grant writing, to working in television production and marketing for SaaS companies-- writing is simply my zone of genius.

I am so pleased to welcome you into this program-- and I can't wait to see the magic that flows from your heart to your pen, and out into the world.

In this workshop you will:

  • Create inspired content to share with your people whenever and wherever you want.

  • Write content that's articulate, distinctive, and totally publishable.

  • Strengthen your connection with your authentic voice.

  • Learn to slip into your artistic flow whenever the mood strikes (fuck off, writer’s block).

  • Go deep into your own story, explore the depths of your being, salvage your purpose, and release the proverbial Kraken.

  • (Re)discover your own innate wisdom, value, and resilience.

  • Craft words that inspire the masses, awaken the imagination, incite action, provoke emotion, and ignite change.  

Also, it's cathartic AF.

Krysta has a magical way with words. She’s one of the fastest, most powerful writers I’ve ever met. Krysta has a deep knowledge of publicity, and she has a unique ability to teach you how to translate your authenticity into powerful content. 

– Rebecca Rubin, Content Queen @ The Pursuit of Fabulous

Here's how it'll all go down:

Below I've provided an overview of our weekly themes.

But for all of you who like a structured heads-up, here's what you can expect when you join our weekly group calls.

  • On Monday evenings (7-9pm EST) we'll all meet on Zoom for our group workshop session.

  • We'll open the session with a guided meditation, and I'll share a selected poem or short reading to get your body relaxed, your mind in the zone, and creative juices flowing.

  • Next, I'll kick off with a riff the week's teachings, themes, tips, things to consider, etc. Then we'll dive into potent free-writing sessions, prompts, explorations, and sharing.

  • Depending on the day and the energy in the group, the rest of our workshop session may include spot coaching, creative feedback, reflections, partnered activities, answering questions, and exploring new possibilities.

  • Between group sessions, you'll receive homework prompts, challenges, and channeled self-care practices to complete during the week at your leisure. You'll also take this in-between time to connect with everyone in our private Facebook group.

  • Due to the fluid nature of this course, this structure may adjust as we move through the workshop together.

Week #1

We'll kick off this workshop with intention setting, establishing a sacred writing practice, blessing your workspace, and getting to know your workshop sisters.

Week #4

Let's get lit. As in fired up. We'll write to explore our passions, turn ons, hot rage, motivations, and quick-fire content brainstorms.

Week #7

Explore gratitude and the inevitable, intuition, opulence, abundance, survival, and art. We'll play with the ebb and flow of time, nature, cycles of innovation, and our relationship with story.

Week #2

This week will be intense and oh-so cathartic. I'll hold your hand as you navigate your "Fearless Inquiry" and use writing to safely ease you into shadow work.

Week #5

Explore your dreams, waking and sleeping. We'll play with archetypal symbols, writing the subconscious, rejuvenation through conscious rest, Dream Bridging, and more.

Week #8

Understand yourself as the narrator of both your story and your life. We'll play with the new possibilities, flow, the nuance of language and dialect, travel writing, and the power of the writing process to initiate discovery.

Week #3

Clear, cleanse, and get organized. Release that which is no longer serving you. The writing practices for this week will invite to explore new perspectives and develop your authentic voice.

Week #6

Get your hands dirty. This is where I'll invite you explore new projects, fresh collaborations, light work, growth, and movement.

Week #9

This is the culmination point of this 9-week ritual. We dress for the occasion, express thanks and release, map next steps, and end with a virtual Open Mic Night. You'll bring your favorite/best piece to read aloud to the group, and receive showers to validation and praise. DIYers can share their final reading via video in the FB group.

Here's what people are saying...

Dani Sitler, Interior Designer & Entrepreneur

"She’s an amazing business coach/friend/human who always knows just what to say when I feel like a fraud or unworthy of achieving my goals. She always has the perfect resource to overcome the issue I’m dealing with. But mostly, she’s been where I am right now.

She understands everything I’m feeling and she’s unapologetically honest...Work with Krysta and she will give you confidence and the tools you need to succeed."

Meredith Gioud, Manager at David Yurmin

"Krysta, has proven to be a guiding light for me in my life, time and time again. There are many compassionate, warm, knowledgeable coaches out there, but if you have not been able to find the right one yet, try a session with her and I know you will not be disappointed."

Amy Wall, Skin & Beauty Specialist

"Do it people! Krysta completely rocked my business launch!"

Dr. Meredith "SoulJourney" Watson, Success Coach

"OMG Krysta's work has changed my life. The shifts I have made in the our time together...I've been at this for 3 years, and in 2+ months together I have made shifts that previously took me years...I love her!"

Brooke Brae, Coach, Healer & Energy Worker

"We just had the most magickal strategizing session and I CANNOT WAIT for what’s coming and what we’re creating...

You know you just had an intense AF Demon slaying session when you all take a shot of liquor straight from the bottle, including offering more up to the Goddess who did most of the work. WOW Krysta, that was FIRE."

Nikki LaRoche, Photographer, Mother, & X-Ray Technician

"This girl is enchanting. She is the type of person that sees something she wants to try and just dives right in, ensuring her life is never boring. I've known her for a very long time, and I will tell you, she wasn't always like that.

The transition she endured to become the amazing, daring, and captivating person she is today, was a long one with a lot of ups and downs. Now she's using her life experience and exceptional skills to help others create, evolve, grow their businesses, take chances in a competitive world, thrive in all walks of life, and transition to a positive mentality that feeds their own success.

If you need a push, guidance, hard truths, comforting spirituality, networking know-how, or sassy entrepreneurial methodology with a splash of fire and magic, Krysta is your girl!"

Nikki LaRoche, Photographer & X-Ray Technician

Arielle Brown, Intimacy Catalyst

"There is this presence, this deep-seeded magic that I remember within myself when I connect with Krysta. And then there is this badass, handles her shit, quick-witted woman who draws me in like a bee to psychedelic honey."

Arielle Brown, Intimacy Catalyst

Rebecca Ives Rubin, Content Queen & Coach

"My favorite Marketing Witch...Krysta is a powerful healer with a strategic-as-hell brain and if you don’t already know her name, you will soon."

Stephanie Rivkin, Owner of Royal Beats Entertainment

"I met Krysta Voskowsky at my first PYVOT networking event about a year ago - she was the only one I networked with! We spent time talking about our businesses and I hired her right away for help redoing my website. She's amazing! This year she hired me to DJ her wedding and I am honored. She's a great resource! Knowledgeable, experienced, and easy to work with."

Bobbie Shields, Coach

"Your energy is amazing and powerful. I got goosebumps at a few different points...I love how honest and raw you show up."

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